Jewish Cemetery, Eger, Hungary

"Let us remember

our dear innocent children of Eger,

our dear blood,

who were dragged away on June 7th, 1944

and died a martyrs' death"

Eger Holocaust Memorial 





Excel Spreadsheets

Eger Cemetery Names #1:  Contains almost 1,000 names (book 1 - 118K) from 1869-1905.

Eger Cemetery Names #2: Contains almost 1,100 names (book 2 - 162K) from 1906-1960. Entries after 1944 are sparse since few, if any Jews were left.

Eger: Auschwitz Memorial containing 280 names.

My Trip to Eger: A sometimes humorous story about my trip to the  Eger cemetery.  

NOTE: If you use any of the information obtained here for other than purely personal or genealogical purposes (such as posting it on a web page), I'd appreciate letting me know where it's being used (book, web site, etc), and a mention of where it was obtained.

Gyongyos Cemetery

The Story


In the spring of 2001, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit my ancestral towns in Hungary: Eger, Gyongyos, Sajo-Kazincz, Dios Gyor and Budapest. During my weeklong stay, I visited several cemeteries, and as time allowed, photographed them as best that I could. In one case, due to the excellent negotiating skills of my guide and new friend Peter Winter (as well as shmearing the caretaker with some money), I had the good fortune to obtain and photograph the pages in the Chevra Kaddisha, the two interment books for the Jewish cemetery in Eger. 

My sister and I have transcribed the information into two Excel spreadsheets posted here.  They have also been donated to JewishGen ( and are a component of the JOWBR (Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry.) There are approximately 2,000 names in the Eger database.

The JOWBR also has links to photographs of the pages as many have additional information that has not been transcribed - because my Hebrew reading abilities are limited. If anyone is willing to help translate the Hebrew, please contact me. 

I've also transcribed the 280 names from the Auschwitz memorial in the Eger cemetery (see photo at right).

I hope that this information is useful. Please let me know.

During my stay, I kept a diary that I sent daily to my family so that they could follow my exploits. I've included the one from my trip to Eger here. I think that you'll enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Gyongyos Holocaust Memorial

“The stone within this wall weeps.

 The tears stream from my eyes 

for the devastation of my people.

 In memory of 2000 martyrs of Gyongyos 

and our 600,000 brethren who were tortured, 

suffocated and killed, killed and killed 

during the years 5701-5705 within the country 

and beyond its borders in death camps, snowfields, 

on road and on riverbanks because of merciless, 

blood-thirsty hatred. 

Peace be on their unmarked graves and scattered ashes!

 Their memory lives forever!”  



Holocaust Memorial

Eger Cemetery

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Eger Cemetery


Auschwitz Memorial

Eger Cemetery


Gyongyos Cemetery Office


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