Zeisler Family Genealogy






Jewish Cemetery Project

Eger, Sajo-Kazincz and Gyongyos, Hungary 


Includes the families of Nochum Yitzchak GORDON, Abraham HEYMANN, Ignatz LOWY, Baron Hermann GROEDEL and many others.

Welcome to the Zeisler Family Homepage!

This site is dedicated to all of the family members that we love and loved, and for those we did not know. 


It was created to inform the present generation and to preserve the history that our forbears created for future generations. It also has been created in the hope that the information herein will provide a forum for family and historical discussion.


I anticipate that with this page, as yet undiscovered family members will stumble across it and introduce themselves. 


Look around the site as you will find trees, photographs, stories, memoirs, and information on each family and many individuals. There will always be updates so don't hesitate to return often and check the "News" column on this page for update information.


Please contact me if you find any errors or have any suggestions. I also appreciate any historical information that can provide context and  background on the localities mentioned, including photographs, books, other sites or  reference materials.


This site will always be under construction so please understand if a link is broken or some information is unavailable. Just drop me an email and let me know.



Jerry Zeisler

Family News

(Site last updated: September 15, 2012)

1/25/2009: Baron Groedel descendents from Budapest found us from an old posting of mine. I've been hoping this would happen. Ten years of research finally bears fruit.



































Ancestral Locations


United States, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, England, Luxembourg, Mexico

Cities, Towns & Shtetls:  


California: San Bernardino

Colorado: Denver

Connecticut: Hartford, New Haven 

Georgia: Atlanta

Illinois: Chicago, Peoria

Indiana: Lafayette, Ft. Wayne, Terre Haute

Kansas: Lawrence

Maryland: Baltimore

Massachusetts: Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Chicopee

Mississippi: Greenville

North Carolina: Asheville

Ohio: Cincinnati, Cleveland

Pennsylvania: Danville, McKeesport

New Jersey: New Brunswick

New York: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Westchester, Newburgh

Texas: Marshall



England: London. 

Germany: Bosen, Illingen, Mainstockheim, Schwanfeld. 

Hungary: Budapest, Eger, Szolnok, Diosgyor, Gyongyos, Miskolc, Szentes, Vacz, Kazincz, Arad. 

Lithuania: Nemajuni, Meretz, Butrimantz, Orany, Stokliskes.

Luxembourg: Consdorf.


Central Americal

Mexico: Guadalajara